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[doubled overhand knot]       Overhand Knots
This simple knot is tied in the end of a line to keep it from fraying. It is sometimes called a lover's knot because when held a certain way it looks like a heart. 
[photo of three overhand knots] 
Used here as jewelry, it can be a single strand, tied with two strands, or tripled with three wires of precious metal. Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Silver can be mixed and matched for a variety of looks.
Lover's Knots 
(or... Interlocked Overhand Knots)
The "Lover's Knots" are tied with two linked overhand knots. The ends of each wire wrap around and come together seamlessly. Together, the interlocked, independant knots tied in an endless loop signify two independant people intertwined forever.
(Prices vary based on guage of wire and the price of silver or gold.)
Plus Shipping and Handling (and Sales Tax in New Mexico).

NOTE: The artist is a mariner. Since he is at sea for half the year, responses to correspondence or orders may take up to four months. Please be patient. He learned his art at sea--the sea is part of his art.  
Thank you.

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