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Many knots are used in every day life. Knots are used to tie your shoes or tie packages. You tie a knot in the belt of your bath robe. Knitting and crocheting is simply a long series of knots. Fair Winds design offers the following knots and other custom shapes in precious metals as rings, earrings, brooches, etc.....
Overhand knot 
Figure Eight knot 
Square Knot 
[Shortcut to Boline Page]Bowline
[Shorcut to Carrick Bend Page]Carrick Bend
                          True Love Knot
....and other knots....

NOTE:  The artist is a mariner. Since he is at sea for half the year, responses to correspondence or orders may take up to four months. Please be patient. He learned his art at sea--the sea is part of his art. 
Thank you. 

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