The steps in weaving a four strand Turkshead ring in gold.

Plain Wire
Start with plain round wire.
For this ring I used 14K White Gold, 20 gauge dead soft and 18K Yellow Gold, 24 gauge dead soft.
Twist the Center Wire
 Then I twisted the 18K Yellow, three strand right hand lay
Weave a Model from Fishing Line
 I tie an original model in fishing line.
Triple the Model
Replace Fish Line with Gold - First Pass
 I then follow the fishing line with the twisted yellow gold. The gold wire replaces the fishing line as I weave.
Keep on Weaving
 First time around with the yellow gold.
Three Passes of the Twisted Wire
 Second time around.
Completed Twisted Wire.  Smooth Wire Next.
 I've completed tying the first pass in twisted yellow gold. The wire weaves four times around.  Next will be the white gold.
First 1/4 Pass of White Gold plain wire
 First time around with the white gold.
Four Times Around Completes the First Pass of White Gold
 Four times around with one side of the white gold.  Two full passes are finished.  One pass to go.
Weaving is Finished.  One Pass twisted Yellow Gold. Two Passes plain White Gold.
  Four times around on the second side of the white gold and the ring is tied. 
  Next will come clipping off the ends, soldering the ends, shaping, forming, sizing, and polishing the ring.
Finished Ring
Finally a finished ring.

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