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From: "Oksana Chuyko"
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 10:08:05 -0500
Subject: turks head rings

I was wondering if the ring is woven from one strand of wire, or if these are multiple strands braided together. Can you also please let me know what the ring width is for the three strand and the four strand turks head rings.
 Thank you for taking the time.


Good Morning Oksana,

My basic turksheads are woven with a single wire.  For example: a five strand turkshead with three passes has a single wire going around fifteen times.  However, when I combine two different metals (e.g. white gold and yellow gold) I am weaving with two wires. Or when I combine a twisted center strand between two plain round wires, I am actually weaving with one twisted wire and a single plain wire going around for two passes.

A tutorial of how the basic three strand is tyed is at:

The width of a ring depends on the gauge of wire, the weave, and the number of passes. A typical three strand turkshead with three passes in 22 gauge wire (usually a ladies ring) is about 5mm wide.  A four strand turkshead with a twisted center strand bordered by 20 gauge wire is about 8mm wide.  I've also made rings 12 to 15mm wide.

I trust this answers your questions.  Please feel free to inquire about anything I may be able to help with.

Fair Winds and following seas

Updated: 2 December 2003