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Would you like to know how to tie a turkshead? Tutorial
Q: What stones are available in your jewelry? Stones:
Q: Which stone goes with what month (birth stones)? Answer:
Q: How do you keep from kinking the wire? Answer:
Q: Are your rings woven from one strand of wire, or if these  are multiple strands braided together?
     Can you also please let me know what  the ring width is for the three strand and the four strand turks head  rings.
Q:  Subject: Tugboat Fender Knot 
       Date: 11/29/2004 7:15:57 A.M. Mountain Standard Time 
I am building a 48 inch long model of a steam tugboat.  I am trying to find information on what is called a fender which was a huge knot attached to the bow of a tugboat.  Would you have any idea who to talk to about getting information on how to make such a knot?
                    Thank you,
                    Gordon French
                    Roseburg, Oregon

Updated: 8 June 2004