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Fair Winds design -- Stone Selection

Fair Winds design - Stones Available for Bolo Tie:


No Additional Cost

Amber 10mm  round
Amethyst 10mm  round
Adventurine 10mm  round
Carnelian 10mm  round
Chalcedony (blue mist) 10mm round
Chryoprase 8mm round
Coral (Oxblood) 8mm round
Coral (Salmon) 10x8mm oval
Hematite 10mm round
Jade (nephrite) 10mm round
Jade (nephrite) 12mm square
Malachite 10mm round
Malachite 12mm square
Mother of Pearl, Black 10mm round
Mother of Pearl, White 10mm round
Mother of Pearl, White 12mm square
Black Onyx 10mm round
Black Onyx 10mm square
Paua Shell, Blue 10mm round
Rose Quartz 10mm round
Rhodochrosite 10mm round
Tiger's Eye 10mm round
Turquoise (Chinese) 10x8 oval
Turquoise  irregular cab
My Favorite!

Add to Cost

Amethyst 10mm  round add $39.00
Citrine 8mm round add $32.00
Garnet (Almandine) 10mm round add $28.00
Garnet (Rhodolite) 6mm square add $39.00
Jade (jadite) 10mm round add $12.00
Lapis Luzuli 10mm round add $15.00
Lapis Luzuli 10x8 rectangle add $10.00
Lapis Lazuli (Denim) 10mm round add $24.00
Moonstone 10mm round add $19.00
Opal Selections
Black Star Sapphire 8x6mm oval add $39.00
Blue Topaz 10x8 oval add $39.00
Turquoise (Robin's Egg) 10mm round add $12.00

Other Selections Available; if you want it, Ask.
A variety of man made stones are also available.

Valid 25 October 2002. Selection is dependant on availablity and can change without notice.  The above selection and prices are guidelines only.
Bolo Ties

To order, write to: Grey Chisholm

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