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Celtic Marriage Knot

Marriage Knot Knots of all types played an important role in Celtic life.  Most Celtic knots were a continuous line, the end meeting back at the beginning.  But there were exceptions; the Marriage knot is three separate paths joined as one.
The Myth. A person is complete within themselves. We don't NEED another in our lives but the addition of another in a healthy relationship makes life beautiful. The "marriage knot" design, two independant circles, symbolizes two complete, independent people tied together by the infinity symbol. While each is unique and complete within themselves, the infinity knot weaves through them making the whole stronger and more beautiful.
[Marriage Buckle]


The Celtic Marriage Knot Buckle

Hand crafted in three sizes: small (1 oz.), medium (1.5 oz.), and large (2 oz.).
[weights are approximate]
Retail Price:
Cast Bronze
Large:  $55
Medium:  $45
Small:  $35
Cast Sterling
Large:  $75
Medium:  $60
Small:  $55
Original Hand Woven Sterling
Large:  $140
Medium:  $125
Small:  $115

Celtic Marriage Knot in flat stock

Celtic Maririage Knot Pendant

Sterling Silver
flat stock
1"1/2 x 1"1/8

Individually woven
Sterling Silver $95.00

Sterling Silver $59.00
Bronze $39.00

chain additional

Celtic Marriage Knot -- round stock

Celtic Marriage Knot Pendant

Sterling Silver
round wire
1"1/8 x 11/16"

Individually woven
Sterling Silver $68.00

chain additional

Celtic Maririage Knot Earrings

Sterling or Bronze
French hook or Post

1 1/2 inches tall
8 grams each

Sterling Silver $69.00
Bronze $49.00

Celtic Maririage Knot Earrings

Hand Woven Sterling
French hook or Post

1 inches tall
6 grams each
Sterling Silver $69.00

The knot is woven in wire then then flattened.  Your choice of stones can be added.  (Price may vary based on stone).  

Marriage Knot Earrings

Smaller earrings are on the design table.

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