Paul Grey Chisholm

1955.02.19 -- 2013.04.16

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This branch of the Chisholm Clan follows the lineage of Captain John D. Chisholm of Scotland, through Jesse Chisholm of Cherokee and Trail fame, down to Grey & Michele Chisholm of today. 

Chisholm Clan Geneology (Grey Chisholm) 
Chisholm Clan Geneology  (Jesse Chisholm) 
Clan Chisholm Society (USA) 
Clan Chisholm Society - Great Britain 
Chisholm Clan via Canada 
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Online Reader, for Maritime, Military, and Govermental interest. 

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A smile is just a little thing  
It doesn't cost a jot  
It's free to beggar and to king  
So why not smile a lot !!
"Good judgment comes from experience. Unfortunately, much of that comes from bad judgment." 
Mike Chisholm
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