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25 January 1999

The Clan Fraser Association for California is now in its thirty-fifth year. It really is a testament to the strong ties that bond us that we sixty-odd families have chosen to remain together these decades. Of course, over the years, weíve seen our membership numbers both blossom and diminish. Now, I think weíre in an upswing and are looking forward to another great year. Just a reminder, our dues for the coming year are now due and payable. The dues are only $40.00 for families and $25.00 for single members — not really a large sum when you consider what you get in return.

You, the Clan electorate, have again given me quite a compliment. During my tenure with the Clan Fraser Association for California, you have elected me to the position of Chairman a total of six times. I consider that I must be doing something right. As always, Iíll try my best.

Some of our Clan members we see quite regularly. Some we only see occasionally. Some we just hear from. Some have left the fold. Some have returned. Some have departed us by death and some have joined by birth. Some are interested in an active program of Gatherings and organized activities. Some just want to party and have an opportunity to let their hair down from lifeís rigors. Some want to tent. Some want to RV. Some offer compliments and some offer complaints (many do both.) Itís really quite a job keeping all this together. But, on the other hand, it is quite enjoyable.J

So, with that thought in mind, I look forward to a productive year. First, I would like to thank the Clan Officers and Commissioners of the previous year. It was a job well done. Your hard working efforts reflect upon a year of success and growth. Thatís a record we can all use as a base to build upon.

With reference to Clan Commissions, I have requested that those commissions for last year continue as the same appointments this year. The sole exception is that of the Editor of The Fiery Cross. I have asked Jesse Fraser Chisholm to step in for that effort. Theresa Frazer did a fine job of putting together the last edition -- Good job, Theresa! However, she has informed me that, for the time being, she is unable to continue with the task.

Within this issue you will find our Clan Calendar for the rest of 1999. I have received a lot of suggestions for Clan activities. In addition to our regular gatherings at the Round Potrero, calendar items suggested have been a House Party Hogmanay; attendance at the Queen Mary Scottish Festival; a birthday Brunch (or even a Dinner/Dance) in honor of Shimiís birthday and a possible Clan Gathering at John and Janna Fraserís place in Port Orford, Oregon. I have tried to incorporate all these suggestions within our calendar. Itís possible that we may not be able to implement everything; but, where thereís a will, thereís a way. Itís not necessary to attend all Clan functions. Pick the ones you like and donít burn out on Clan activities. Remember, this really is a lifetime and family commitment. So, spread yourself out! Would anyone like to sponsor a house party — Iíd like to see an increase in non-Potrero activities. That way weíll appeal to a wider group of Frasers.

If any Clan member has suggestions, complaints or comments please feel free to contact me. You can telephone me at home: (909) 659-3165 or you can e-mail me at Iím a good listener! Also suggested to me is a New Years Eve, 2000, Guest Weekend style gathering. Let me know your thoughts on this one.

Also, have you seen our Clan web site? Try Brent Fraser put it together and Glenny Thompson and Jesse Chisholm have provided follow-up assistance. A fine job by all. J J J J J

Also, while I have the floor, Iíd like to let you know that the Clan MacRae has scheduled a gathering of their Clan in Scotland during the third week of August, 2000. This would be a great opportunity for those who have not been able to participate in the recent Clan activities in Scotland. Considering the historical relationship between the Frasers and MacRaes, it would be a fitting acknowledgment for our Clan to attend. Please let me know your thoughts on this one.

We started the year with a Hogmanay at the home of our Vice Chair, Alex Fraser Chisholm (with her husband, Jesse.) It was a good gathering and we were able to celebrate the eighty-fifth birthday of Scotty "the Clan Grandfather" Fraser.

Weíll be seeing you at the next Clan Gathering, a brunch in honor of Shimiís 22nd Birthday at the Santa Ana home of Robert "Big Bob" Fraser.

.... Diolain

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