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1999 Clan Calendar

The Clan Hogmanay at the home of our Vice-Chairman, Alex Fraser Chisholm, was thoroughly enjoyable. Also, we had a most relaxing first Clan Gathering at the Round Potrero over the previous holiday weekend. Hereís the rest of our Clan Calendar.

Feb. 6th, 1999
Clan Donnachaidh Society 25th Annual Dinner Dance
Feb. 13th, 1999
Brunch in honor of Shimiís 22nd birthday at the Santa Ana home of Robert "Big Bob" Fraser. (See the flyer in the Fiery Cross)
RSVP to Diolain at (909) 659-3165 or e-mail at
Feb. 13th and 14th, 1999
Queen Mary Scottish Festival, Long Beach, CA (See the flyer in the Fiery Cross)
Mar. 13th/14th, 1999
Clan Gathering at the Round Potrero.
Apr. 10th/11th, 1999
Clan Coronach Gathering at the Round Potrero. Prepare for the Big Gathering.
May 1st, 1999
May Day / Cinquo de Mayo House Party at the home of Joe and Bobbie Frizell. More information will follow.
May 1st, 1999
Clans of the Highlands Annual All-the-Clans Picnic, Craig Regional Park, 3300 N. State College Blvd., Brea.
May 8th/9th, 1999
Clan Fraser Annual Gathering and Games at the Round Potrero.
May 29th/30th, 1999
United Scottish Society Highland Gathering and Games. Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA
June 11th/12th, 1999
Clan Gathering at the Round Potrero.
June 26th/27th, 1999
San Diego Scottish Highland Games and Gathering. Brengle Terrace Park, Vista, CA (Donít forget to see Glenfinnan play at the Camelot Inn, San Marcos, CA.)**
July 17th/18th, 1999
Clan Gathering at the Round Potrero. We can organize a trip to the beach on Sat. the 17th and then enjoy a beautiful summer night at the Round Potrero.
August 7th/8th, 1999
Clan Gathering at John and Janna Fraserís, Port Orford, Oregon. On the coast about 50 miles north of the California border — More information later.
Sept. 18th/19th, 1999
Clan Gathering at Diolain and Laurie Fraserís mountain home in Pine Cove.
RSVP (909) 659-3165 or e-mail at .
Sept. 25th, 1999
Clans of the Highlands Annual Dinner & Dance, The Phoenix Club, Anaheim, CA
Oct. 2nd/3rd, 1999
Annual Clan Election Weekend (Elections on Sunday, Oct. 3rd at 11:00AM)
Oct. 16/17th, 1999
Loch Prado Scottish Gathering and Games. Prado Regional Park, Chino, CA (909) 597-4260. We have a group camp reserved — youíre welcome to join us! Call Diolain.
Nov. 13th/14th, 1999
Clan Fraser Annual Guest Weekend at the Round Potrero.
Nov. 20th, 1999
Tartan Ball, San Diego. Further information will follow.

**Glen Finnan regularly plays the first Saturday of every month at the Camelot Inn, San Marcos. They are quite good. Come and enjoy them!J

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