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Growing up in the Clan Fraser Association for California
by Alexandra Fraser-Chisholm, 1996


The Clan Fraser Association for California is an organization affiliated with the Frasers of Lovat, in Scotland, that believes in keeping our Scottish heritage alive. Our group is very family oriented, involving the whole family in its camraderie. This particular sept of the Clan was started over 35 years ago by Big Bob Fraser. Lucky for us, Bob owns 100 acres in the foothills above San Juan Capistrano and Lake Elsinore. This ranch, known as the Round Portrero, has been the Clan Fraser’s meeting place, since its beginnings. We hold campouts at the Round Portrero 4-5 times a year, we usually have a summer beach party or mountain party in Idyllwild, a Christmas Party and (when we can muster enough participants) our own dinner dance. We also participate widely in Scottish Games held throughout Southern CA. The Clan has made several trips to Scotland as a group and we have many friends in the Beauly area.


Each year we hold an annual gathering and Bar-B-Que for both potentially new members and old members. This gathering is held at the Round Portrero and includes scottish games, kids games, re-enactment of a scottish battle, the bar-b-que (it’s fabulous), a kids ceilidh and an adult ceilidh. Everyone participates in the fun and everyone has a chance to perform at the ceilidh (if they wish). The kids really get a kick out of their ceilidh and they are the main performers here. The whole clan supports the kids, cheering them on in their efforts of entertainment. We are extremely fortunate to have several really talented musicians and pipers in the group. Most times, the adult ceilidh ends up in an impromptu jam session, with all participating who wish to. Several of our teenagers are highland dancers and usually will dance the Fling for us at the camp fire.


I have many fond memories of the Clan as my family was one of the original members over 35 years ago. It brought our family closer together and has allowed us to maintain an extended family support group that is mostly missing from today’s society. My parents are the Senior Grandparents of the Clan and have several children, grand children, nieces and nephews actively involved. Even though we children have moved far away at times, we always come back for Clan functions. I have moved around a lot over the last 10 years and always manage to make it back for campouts at least once to twice a year. I am now in the process of moving back to So. CA and am really looking forward to being actively involved with this wonderful group, once again.


The camping is primative, but the Round Portrero is a great place for your kids to run free with few worries. There is a tree rope swing, a strung up cargo net and lots of open space for kids to run in, get dirty in and just plain wear themselves out! This was my most favorite place when I was growing up. I never wanted to go home when Sunday afternoon rolled around. The Round Portrero has a small corral should you be interested in bringing horses up to the Ranch. There are miles and miles and miles of trails as we are backed up to National Forest land. These trails provide lots of hiking area as well.


So if you are a Fraser check us out sometime. Come visit us at the Ranch. We always welcome visitors. If you would like further information please feel free to email me:

Alexandra Fraser-Chisholm

If I do not have the answer, I will send you to someone else in the group who will.


Ceud Měle Fŕilte

[ A Hundred Thousand Welcomes! ]

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