Turkey Under-a-Sheet

Origins Unknown.

This recipe has been passed from friend to friend on photocopied and faxed pages for so long that no ones seems to know who started it.

Wine 1/3 bottle dry white wine

Position your TURKEY in a large roasting pan.

Pour WINE into the cavity of the TURKEY until a little spills over into the pan.

Remember what Justin Wilson used to say, "Don't cook with any wine you woudn't drink."
(but then, he also said, "Start out by pouring two cups of wine into the chef.")

Spice Mixture 3-5 cloves of Garlic (mashed)
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup olive oil
2/3 TBSP rosemary
2/3 TBSP oregano
1/3 TBSP thyme
dash taragon

Saute the GARLIC in butter. Remove from heat and add all remaining ingredients of the SPICE MIXTURE.

Pour the MIXTURE over the top of the TURKEY in an even coating.

  4-6 Bay Leaves

Place BAY LEAVES on the highest points of the TURKEY to keep it from sticking to the SHEET.
Use more leaves if you think the sheet might stick to other places.

Sheet One white linen dish towel (or cheese cloth).
Some string.

Cover the TURKEY with the SHEET. (Say "good-night!")
If using cheese cloth, use a few layers.

Secure the SHEET with a couple of rounds of string around the perimeter of the roasting pan.

Trim excess SHEET to leave a 2 inch ruffle.

Gooey Mix 1 cup flour

Mix the FLOUR with enough water to make a GOOEY MIX.

Spread the MIX evenly over the SHEET from the top to the sides of the pan.

If you need more, make more. The goal is to seal the sheet so the steam stays inside.

Bake 400 degrees (F)

Cook for 7-9 minutes per pound

NOTE: A 24 lb. Turkey is done in 3 hours.

When the SHEET is brown, So Is The TURKEY!