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Installable keyboards for SC UniPad

Here you can download some of the user-defined keyboards I've created for SC UniPad, a plain-text Unicode editor for Windows developed by Sharmahd Computing. All of these keyboards are completely free. (See the FreeWare License for details.) They are individually wrapped in Zip files, none larger than 3,000 bytes.

I have no professional affiliation with, or financial interest in, Sharmahd Computing, but I am a big supporter of SC UniPad and encourage Windows users to try it -- especially users of Windows 95 and 98, which provide scant user-level support for Unicode. These keyboards are only for use with SC UniPad. They won't work anywhere else.

The CNO keyboard layout is already included as a part of the SC UniPad distribution.
An alternative Cherokee keyboard, based on the free Cherokee font distributed by Joane Sarah Touzet, this keyboard layout, written by Doug Ewell, is available for download from the SC UniPad site.
An alternative Cherokee keyboard, based on the proprietary font designed for the Cherokee Companion program.
An alternative Cherokee keyboard, based on the proprietary font designed by Lee Anne Philips for the White Rose Foundry.

NOTE: SC UniPad, with these keyboard layout files, will produce documents that contain the UNICODE symbols for Cherokee. SC UniPad has its own internal UNICODE character font. To display these documents in another program (NOTEPAD or Word or a browser), you will need to have a font installed that contains the Cherokee range of UNICODE:

Just set your program to use which ever of these UNICODE fonts you install. They all include the standard Windows characters as well.

If you create one document using the "Cherokee (CNO)" keyboard layout and another document using the "Cherokee (JoLo)" keyboard layout, they will contain the SAME UNICODE Cherokee characters. and will display in whatever UNICODE font you have installed. Choose the keyboard layout you are already familiar with.


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