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NOTICE: ChrLookup Version 2 is available now.

Program Description

ChrLookup is a small ShareWare program to assist in dictionary lookup of words to translate from English to Cherokee, or visa versa.

ChrLookup is a NOT an automatic translation program.  You can't give it a sentence or paragraph and expect it to translate the whole thing for you. It just does one word at a time.

ChrLookup does NOT come with any dictionary words pre-installed.  Its purpose is to let you build your own vocabulary by entering the words you know and learn.

This program maintains its own database of words, and can import other lists of words in various formats.  It can also export its internal database into various formats.


The basic layout of the program is as a simple dialog.  On the left is an edit box where you may enter a search word.  The best match in the list below is selected.  Or you may select in the list directly.  Whatever entry is selected in the list, the information about that entry is displayed on the right, using whichever font you have selected in the combobox.  For example:

Some words have more than one definition:


As you can see, the general layout of the information on the right is to show the English word in black, the Cherokee word is indented and shown both in blue using the names of the syllables and in red using the syllabary symbols themselves.

If there is a comment about the entry, it is black, indented twice, and in italics.


ChrLookup Menus

Under the File menu, you may:  ( See also: File Format Section  )

When you exit the program, any changes you have made to the database are saved to disk automatically.  When you next open the program, the current database is automatically loaded back into memory.


Under the View menu, you may:


Under the Edit menu, your may:


Under the Copy menu, you may:


Under the Help menu you may:


File Formats

When importing or exporting files, the following file formats are processed.

Comma Separated Values
If there is a comma inside a value, then put the value inside double-quotes.
Two or three columns:
  1. English
  2. Cherokee
  3. Comment (optional)
TAB Separated Values
If there is a tab inside a value, then put the value inside double-quotes.
Two or three columns:
  1. English
  2. Cherokee
  3. Comment (optional)
Two or three columns:
  1. English
  2. Cherokee
  3. Comment (optional)
Two columns:
  1. English
  2. Cherokee
Open Translation Engine
This is an XML-ish format.  ChrLookup does not parse the full XML.  What is searched for is the pattern:
<cmt>Comment</cmt>    <!-- optional -->
ChrLookup Database Backup
This is an internal format of this program. It is hashed, and (depending on the version) may or may not be compressed. In either case, there is no easy way to look at what is inside and find the words.


You may download the ChrLookup installer here.  As new versions become available, this section will be updated.

NOTE: The ChrLookup program does NOT come with a built in dictionary (at this time). It is intended as an aide while you learn words and build your own personal dictionary.



You only have to register once, if you register more than once, I will thank you for the money, but you will still only receive one email when there are updates to this program.

Your name and email address will only be used for the purpose of these rare program update mailings. They will never be given away or sold or passed along to any other entity for any use whatsoever (except as required by law).

Registration is $5 US. You may certainly send more, and I will accept with gratitude. ;-)

There are other ways, but it is easiest for me if you use PayPal:

NOTE: You do not need to fill in a "Shipping Address" since I won't be shipping you anything, you just download the installer.

NOTE: Be careful not to accidently submit the payment twice.

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