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The specific license for each item is mentioned in its documentation, or in the soruce code.

Programs: Software: The Barbarian Culture

Generate Prime Multiplicative M Modulus Linear Congruential Generators
A style of pseudo-random number generator. Not suitable for all occasions, but generally nice.
Unfortunately, due to a head crash on an insufficiently backuped disk, this program is not available at this time.
NOTE: For very large primes, it may take hundreds of years to complete; pick reasonable primes, please.

This program runs on the Windows platform. It uses a background thread to
  1. Verify that your prime is really prime
    If not -- Search for the next larger prime.
  2. Verify that your initial primitive-root really is one
    If not -- Search for one.
  3. Search through all primitive roots for some good ones.

At any time you may display a detailed snapshot of what it has done so far. State information and a progress bar are on the main dialog. The dialog may be minimized.
Work is saved every minute, you can reload the file next time and continue searching.
The priority of the background thread can be adjusted. I allow you to set it from Idle up to high enough to bring your GUI's response time to its knees. ( Probably isn't a good idea to set it that high. ;-)

Cherokee Dictionary Word Lookup is a small tool to help you build your own English / Cherokee dictionary of the words you know and the words you learn. The Cherokee can be displayed in any of several fonts, presuming that you have those font's installed on your system.

NOTE: ChrLookup does not come with a built in Dictionary. You have to develop your own as you learn words. Using the File / Import command, it can import dictionaries from other programs.

KbdChr is a collection of keyboard layout files that may be used in various circumstances to make it just a little easier to enter UNICODE Cherokee characters into documents. You will need one of the UNICODE fonts that contain the Cherokee range.

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