Jesse Chisholm's Cherokee Font Comparison 

The purpose of this page is to compare the Cherokee fonts (that I know of) against each other to see which style you like. For seeing the Font's keyboard layouts, go to my Keyboard page. For information on the various fonts (that I know of), go to my Which Font page.

The left most column is the name of the Cherokee syllable.

The second column is a GIF image of that Cherokee syllable.

The third column (labeled Cher_Sound) should look the same as the left most column, if you have the Cher_Sound font available.

Columns 3 through the end (the ones in maroon) display the Cherokee syllable in the named font, if that font is available.

NOTE: Just because you have a font installed, doesn't guarantee that it is available to your browser.

NOTE: There are two fonts named Cherokee, you can only have one available at a time, so at least one of these columns will look wrong.

NOTE: The font Cherokee (CNO) does NOT contain the glyph for "nah". It does contain four glyphs that are not represented in the Cherokee range of UNICODE.

`      (accent grave) A special accent character
1      The entire word "tsalagi"
2      The entire word "osiyo"
3      The entire word "wado"
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NOTE 1: In the Cherokee Arial font, There are the following errors:

I have sent a note to the Font Author (António Martins) and when a new version of the Cherokee Arial font is available, I'll update this page.

NOTE 2: In the CherokeeLS and TsalagiInterText fonts, The character that is represented by ­ or ­ Will NOT display in the browser. The browsers treats that character as a soft-hyphen (an optional place to split a word), and it is therefore invisible. These fonts aren't really intented for the browser, but rather for a PostScript printer.

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An eMail concerning any errors on this page would be appreciated.

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