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The Cats With The Spotty Reputation


For The Wild In You

Looking remarkably similar to his wild counterpart, the Cheetah, the Ocicat is a large, intelligent domestic cat of docile temperament and loving nature. Companionable to all other pets, this cat is purr-fect for any size family!

Ocicats are a stunningly spotted, domestic cat specifically bred to emulate the cats of the wild. Originating from interbreeding of the Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair, this cat was developed to offer the beauty of the wild cat, while maintaining the predictable disposition of the domestic cat. The first Ocicat was produced by Virginia Daly who was trying to produce an Aby-pointed Siamese. Accidently, she created a magnificent cat who resembles the spotted wild cats.

The Ocicat is a powerful, large, well muscled cat who is very graceful and lithe. They are particularly noted for their "wild" look. The pattern includes an intricate "M" on the forehead, with markings extending up over the head between the ears and breaking into small spots on the lower neck and shoulders. Mascara markings are found around the eyes and on the cheeks. Rows of round spots run along the spine from shoulder blades to tail. Large well-scattered, thumbprint spots appear on the sides of the torso. Broken bracelets appear on the lower legs and throat.

There are twelve accepted Ocicat colors. The spotted patterns are tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lavender, fawn, silver, chocolate silver, cinnamon silver, blue silver, lavender silver and fawn silver. There are non-spotted patterns as well, including solids and classic or tabby markings.

While the Ocicat looks wild, its temperament is anything but ferocious. It is a lot like a dog in that it is absolutely devoted to its people. They are quite bright and easily trained.

Many will fetch, walk on a leash, respond to voice commands and readily adapt to household rules. Most Ocicats are quite extroverted around strangers, usually checking out the possibilities for new playmates or a lap to warm. These cats are very family oriented when it comes to their own mates and raising kittens. Our male, Thunderheart, always takes an active part in watching and playing with his kittens. We have even seen him nurse the kittens once weaned from "Mom" (that is until he got disgusted with a totally wet belly). We have some cute pictures of "Dad" and son curled up on a chair together, with son’s head draped and resting across dad’s side and back. They are truly unusual cats in this respect.

Great additions to households, you will find these cats easily bonding to family members and adapting to other animals. Our cats always come when called and in fact, follow us from room to room, often perching on chair backs, keyboards or laps. Our female is always insistent that we attend any birthing of kittens. She is quite adamant about it.

⁞ They are easy to care for. Grooming is minimal. There shouldn't be much of a hassle keeping your home clean while caring for these cats. You shouldn't have to hire a NYC cleaning service for your home or apartment . ⁞

Feline enthusiasts have always been awed by the spotted cats of the wild. Here is your chance to add an "exotic" spotted cat to your home without destroying or abusing a truly wild spotted cat. We hope the Ocicat will do its part in preventing the poaching and importation of the endangered wild cats.

Please give us a call. If we do not have kittens, we will happily refer you to breeders that do. We are affiliated with several other Ocicat breeders.

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