Chisholm Trail Cervesas
Legal Disclaimer
Jesse and Alexandra Chisholm

Legal Disclaimer
Current U.S. law allows the head of household to make 200 gallons of beer or wine per year without a license. If both of a married couple are making beer or wine, they can only make 100 gallon per year each. It is still a total of 200 gallons of fermented beverage per year per household.
By the way, 200 gallons comes to about 5 2/3 of the 12 oz bottles per day for your personal consumption.
Also note that if you start a 5-gallon batch 3 weeks out of 4, your will just about make your limit.
This beer may not be sold or bartered. You may certainly enjoy it. You may hold parties. You may share a bottle or so with others. Just don't give away so much that it looks like you might be bartering for something in return. Barter is taxable.
Check with your local beer / wine supply store to see if there are any local laws you should know about. Some local laws may be more restrictive than the federal laws.
Be responsible in your brewing. Be responsible in your drinking. If you do something stupid, and get in trouble with your brew, don't come crying to me.

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