Chisholm Trail Cervesas
Scottish Ale from the Chisholm Trail
Jesse and Alexandra Chisholm

"Remember, cleanliness is next to essential!"
-- Reverend Frank Benz, on making homemade wine

This is the malt extract syrup version of the recipe. It is based on a 1991 version of a 90-shilling Scottish Ale.

The 90-shilling refers to the TAX paid per barrel, which was related to the amount of alcohol. This recipe starts at a specific gravity of about 1.080, and finishes at about 1.015. This produces a brew that is about 8% alcohol.

8 lbs pale malt extract syrup
1 lb amber malt extract syrup
1 lb dark malt extract syrup
2 oz Kent Golding hops
1 vial White Labs Edinburough Ale Yeast
5 gal good tasting water (tap water is fine, use what you normally drink)
3/4 cup bottling sugar (very finely powdered corn sugar)
Use 1.5 oz of hops as the initial hops.
Use 0.5 oz of hops as the final hops.
This recipe has no flavorings to add.

Common Procedure

Basic steps I use in my recipes.

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