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Dr. Elsey

Cat Agility

This fun filled weekend will include shopping galore in our Meow Mall with lots of fun cat items for humans and their cats. Everything a feline or human heart would desire. This is just the beginning. We have cat agility. Come see these fabulous felines run through tunnels, work the weave poles, jump the jumps all in race against time. There are five top Cash Prizes for the fastest timed cats. The last two Feline Agility events were won by a Shelter cat attending for adoption and earned fame!
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Education Ring

But, that’s not all. What to know more? Do you crave feline knowledge? Plan to spend some time in our Education Ring. Here you will learn why Bobtails have bobbed tails; where Bengals got their spots; and why the Lykoi is called the Werewolf cat. Fancy yourself a feline expert? Stick around for Leopardy. A trivia game designed to test your feline knowledge. We have a different schedule each day.
Saturday, at 1pm in the Education Ring, the young people in the TICA Cat Fancy or better known as our Junior Exhibitors, will present their cats and answer questions posed to them by a Licensed TICA Judge. These children are proud to share and are very knowledgeable.

Competition Rings

But, that’s still not all. We have cats in show competition. Come watch the cats be judged against a written standard for each breed. See the flowing coat of the Persian, the intense stare of the Abyssinian, the focus of the Bengal, and the regal Maine Coons. The Household Pet ring will showcase what love and good care will bring out in your own feline companion.

Adoptable Cats

Looking for a new cat to bring into your life? Please visit our Rescue Row. Hope to Home and Southern California Siamese Rescue will be in attendance with lovely cats looking for their forever homes.

What You'll See

Tiny tigers, mini leopards, small panthers……this is how our cats see themselves. The International Cat Association and America’s Finest Felines will be hosting an All Things Cat event. Come to the Town and Country Resort in Mission Valley, San Diego, over Labor Day weekend where we will showcase our big cats in tiny cat bodies.
The International Cat Association’s motto is Wherever You Are, You’re in TICA’s World. Fabulous felines… fun…and friendships. We invite San Diego to come and be a part of TICA’s world. This is an opportunity to see beautiful cats from around the world. We’ll have cats from Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, France, Japan, Poland, England and Russia in competition. Come, stay the day, see beautiful cats and make new friends. This is what TICA is all about.
As a thank you to those attending, have some fabulous giveaways, while supplies last. For the kids, we have two cat coloring books. A cat breed poster that will take your breath away. We also will have an informative visitor’s guide, packed full of cat information. As an extra added bonus, the artist who designed the cover of the visitor’s guide will be in attendance at the show. Please make sure to visit Laura Seeley Studio inside the show hall.

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Show Hall

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